​​"...a savvy and seamless mix of folk, rock, pop, jazz and blues from one of our area's most gifted songwriters." ​ ”

— Tim Finn, The Kansas City Star

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End of Summer Streaming 

The last of the heat is bearing down. A reminder of all the sweat and tears that went into making The Musical II. The show goes on. You can now stream both The Musical and The Musical II on a plethora of platforms. You can also stream us live with your eyes at gigs this fall around Kansas City. We have some great shows coming up including our set for KC's city-wide Open Spaces initiative. We also have some very exciting music video projects in the works. Stay tuned while we endure the final midwest meltdown with dreams of winter brewing.

The Musical II: Songs for the New Rage 

We are down to our final mixing days at Element Recording Studios and we could not be happier. Like any good syndicated B movie chain, this sequel to Mikal Shapiro's 2015 release "The Musical" is even more raw, non-sequitur and gratuitous. Harkening back to 90's TV and teenage desert visions, "The Musical II" sets the score for family dinner dramas from one track to the next. According to market research, listeners will find it either:

A) Cathartic

B) Soothing 

C) Difficult 

D) None/All of the Above. 

What to expect? Look for signs. The upcoming release of the first single "Everybody's Baby" is scheduled out this week. Pre-sale for the album and advanced tickets to the CD release show can be found HERE. Sign up for the newsletter and like our FB page Mikal Shapiro Music for updates. Most importantly, keep your eyes to the sky and your ears to the rail. And above all, thanks for supporting independent music!

Elements and Element 


Honored and blessed to be back in Element studios with my core electric band (Chad Brothers, Matt Richey and Johnny Hamil) for a brand new full-length album due out Spring 2018. Trumpet player extraordinaire Hermon Mehari stopped by for a guest session during the holidays. More guests to come in the New Year. For now, a deep winter retreat into the U.P. of Michigan for a creative sabbatical. See you in the thaw!  


Listen Local Live! and a French Tour in the Works 

Back from a north midwestern tour with Shapiro Brothers, I feel renewed and hopeful. Must be why I'm writing songs like crazy. If you're in the area, you might be able to catch some of them at my upcoming gigs:

Monday, May 15th from 7-10pm, I get to play in a songwriter round in KC with some of my favorite people at my favorite bookstore, Prospero's.
May 21st, you'll find the Bros at the Shoe Tree Listening Room in Springfield, MO.
June 1st, the duo is at Californo's with the lovely Teri Quinn and touring act Band of Lovers.

Pre-production for the next record is still in the works. This stuff takes time, you know.

I'm very excited to announce that I'm headed to France with Chad Brothers in July for a Shapiro Brothers tour with the effervescent Louise Thiolon! Her recently released EP "Le Gout de Chagrin" is simply beautiful... and so is she.

In other news, I was asked to be a part of Listen Local Live! at the Johnson County Library which features music and video from area artists. It's an amazing project and I'm honored to be included. If you want to hear what's going on, click the link above.

Spring Shows + Studio Time 

The Musical is gearing up for another studio marathon this Spring with brand new material and some unrecorded songs that we're ready to pin down. We've also got some full band shows in Kansas City coming up: One at a new space called OUTBURST in the Crossroads on Sunday, March 26th with Jack Topht and Teri Quinn. Then we'll be sharing the stage with The Country Duo at Californo's on Friday, April 7th. Also, this April will find me on the road with my duo Shapiro Brothers through Nashville, Columbus and the UP. Meanwhile, you can keep track of my Latin Americana band Ayllu on our new website: www.aylluband.com. Of course, you can always find me here, too, or my Facebook or Instagram. For a rabbit, I'm easy enough to catch on the Net. Better yet, catch me in person. I'll promise to play my heart out for you. 

The Reincarnation of my Website 

I'm happy to say that I've entered the second half of the second decade of the 21st Century with an appropriately contemporary website update. Here's to getting with the program in 2017! Stay in touch by signing up for my email list. You'll receive the latest news on my when-and-whereabouts.