​​"...a savvy and seamless mix of folk, rock, pop, jazz and blues from one of our area's most gifted songwriters." ​ ”

— Tim Finn, The Kansas City Star

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Previous events


Ayllu | Ayllu Heartland Festival


The Musical + Claire Adams + Chris Meck and the Guilty Birds

Californo's, Kansas City, Missouri

The core four of The Musical unite for this fall show: Mikal, Chad Brothers, Johnny Hamil and Matt Richey.


Ayllu | Ayllu on the Lake

Solo w/ Third Man Recording Artist Todd Albright

Records with Merritt, Kansas City, Missouri


Shapiro, Fisher, Rausch, Ladesich and Easterday

 —  —

Prospero's Books, Kansas City, MO

Songwriter rounds with Mikal Shapiro, Richard Alwyn Fisher, Kasey Rausch, Tony Ladesich, Scott Easterday (Lost Lamenters Collective)

Monday, May 15, 2017 Prospero's Books 7:00 PM - 10:00 $5-$10 suggested donation