The Musical II: Songs for the New Rage

We are down to our final mixing days at Element Recording Studios and we could not be happier. Like any good syndicated B movie chain, this sequel to Mikal Shapiro's 2015 release "The Musical" is even more raw, non-sequitur and gratuitous. Harkening back to 90's TV and teenage desert visions, "The Musical II" sets the score for family dinner dramas from one track to the next. According to market research, listeners will find it either:

A) Cathartic

B) Soothing 

C) Difficult 

D) None/All of the Above. 

What to expect? Look for signs. The upcoming release of the first single "Everybody's Baby" is scheduled out this week. Pre-sale for the album and advanced tickets to the CD release show can be found HERE. Sign up for the newsletter and like our FB page Mikal Shapiro Music for updates. Most importantly, keep your eyes to the sky and your ears to the rail. And above all, thanks for supporting independent music!


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